Girls Leading Our World (GLOW)

Women Empowering Nations partners with schools in Tulsa, OK, Oklahoma City, OK, and Houston, TX to provide self esteem and leadership development programming to cohorts of middle school girls of color through the Girls Leading Our World Program. Through our monthly advisory curriculum, quarterly leadership sessions, and virtual component girls have access to videos, lessons, and resources aligning to personal growth, social/emotional intelligence, career development, and global awareness.

GLOW Travel Seminar

Girls' mentoring experience culminates with the opportunity to participate in a Girl Leading Our World travel seminar where they travel abroad to participate in the travel seminar and leadership conference with young women in Africa. WEN has hosted travel seminars to Senegal, Gambia, Morroco, The Netherlands, and Tanzania in 2010, 2013, and 2016.  In July 2018, WEN will be expanding to Ghana. For more information on the 2018 travel seminar, please email 

The travel seminar expands participants global view thus lighting a new path of potential outcomes for their life. Girls also develop as citizens who value diversity, challenge bias, and have a passion for continual learning through experience. The impact of the travel seminars has produced social change agents who were empowered from the exposure to lead as peer mentors, organization captains, and social justice advocates for women’s affairs. 

GLOW Annual Leadership Summit

The Girls Leading Our World (GLOW) Summits have been held in The Gambia, West Africa, Tulsa, OK, Oklahoma City, OK, Houston, TX and Mwanza, Tanzania. WEN's next GLOW Summit is in Accra, Ghana in July 2018. The conference  hosts female teenage leaders for engaging workshops to explore social change, economic justice, women’s empowerment, and leadership. The young ladies hear from a host of inspiring women leaders and build relationships beyond borders.

The World The Knew

The World They Knew follows three 8th grade girls from various walks of life as they participated in Women Empowering Nations' Girls Leading Our World Travel seminar. Gain a dramatic glimpse into their personal lives as well as their experiences abroad. Their perspective is shared from Casablanca, Morocco and Banjul, Gambia as they explored North and West African cultures, toured historic sites, and participated in a leadership conference centered on education and social justice where friendships were developed with the local Gambian girls. The film, directed by Jason Lemon, tells the stories, follows the journeys and dreams of these three participants to discover how their lives change and their worlds expand as they leave behind The World They Knew. To view the full documentary, click here